Welcome to the Dirty Pool

The Dirty Pool is a Humour Magazine. Plain and simple. It’s run by a Canadian, which is why Humour is spelled with an extra u. You’ll get used to it.

We are currently accepting submission for our second issue, and we hope to publish more-or-less quarterly issues until our editors all die. Check out our submission guidelines, click our contact info to get the ball rolling, and we’ll see what we get!

Why does this magazine exist? Well, if you ever browse lists of online literary magazines, you’ll quickly notice there is a profound lack of humour magazines on the net. Most mags nowadays want to be THE MAGAZINE that is the voice of disenfranchised people, fights contemporary culture, will end patriarchy, and only prints the Greatest Literature Ever.

It’s getting awfully boring, isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, they all have noble goals. But it’s the same goal over and over. Meanwhile, The Dirty Pool has a different, single, simple goal. To make reader’s laugh. The test of any piece submitted to The Dirty Pool is to make the editors laugh. We’d like pieces to be well-written, clever, have strong characters and whatnot, but if a piece is genuinely funny, we’ll publish it.

Do we want the Greatest Literature Ever? No. God no. Humour has always been a second-class thrill and something that people look down on and see as a lower and lesser art. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be experimental, or play with the conventions of storytelling, but again, our goal is simple: make us laugh.

So let’s get started!