Dirty Pool #5.jpg

And here it is, Issue #5 to ring in 2018!

2016 was generally regarded as a year we’d never talk about ever again, 2017 was even worse, but you can start your 2018 with a chuckle or two before reality kicks in.

And let’s have some thunderous applause for our writers and people who submitted to TDP. No, really. Clap as loudly as you can. I don’t care where you are. People will think it’s cool. Try it. But in all seriousness, thank you. You’re the reason we have TDP at all.

So Happy New Year, and enjoy Issue #5:

Unicorn Rearing: The Manure Behind the Myth By Kimmy Dee

Uncle By Barry O’Farrell

The Used-Car Salesman’s Niece to Meet Swedish Royalty by Maura Yzmore

The Marauder of the Matinee by Jamie Benedi

Tyrant by Nate Stone

Nicolas Cage is Field Artillery By Andrew Davie

Petting Zoo By Margret Treiber

Late By Andrew J. Hogan