PROTIP: You might want to scroll down and check out what we’re in to before sending us something.

Want to submit for Issue 6? Perfect! We’re open from now until March 25th for submissions for our next issue!

Or, do you want to tell us how offended you were by a joke on our site? Want to shower the editors in praise for all their hard work? Fantastic! Any and all queries can be sent to:

If you’re going to submit, please note:

  • We like short fiction and flash fiction. Anywhere from 50-3000 words.
  • We’re not crazy about fan-fiction, although we love satire and parody.
  •  We’d like your submissions to be double-spaced in Times New Roman Font, with no indentations or strange formatting. Doc. or Doc X. format.
  • Please put contact info on the first page.
  • Multiple submissions are frowned upon. You can always try again if the first submission doesn’t click.
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay, just be sure to tell us if that’s the case. And if we accept your story and you retract it because a shinier and sexier magazine took you on: you’re a jerk.
  • Reprints aren’t really our thing. If your previous publication got deleted or was in a magazine that fizzled out after one issue, we’ll consider it. But the general rule is reprints aren’t for us.

We’re aiming to publish quarterly, with our next issue going live on January 1st 2018, but we’ll see what kind of response we get, the lengths and quantity of stories, and how fast we can get through them. It might be sooner, it might be later. Stay tuned.

Payment? Are you trying to be funny already? Of course we can’t pay you! We can barely afford to take the ‘WordPress’ part out of our domain name. We ask for one-time electronic publication rights. But you get to see your name in print in an online magazine (it’s more rewarding than it sounds) and people will (probably) read your work. You’re welcome.